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Nepal Short Biography


147, 181 Sq KM

3.5 Billions

National Language
Nepali (Official)

Unit of Currency

Head of State

Time Zone
+5.45 (GMT)

1. Winter : December - February
2. Spring : March - May
3. Summer : June - August 
4. Autumn : September - November 

Hindu (80.6%), Buddhist (10.7%), Muslim (4.2),
Other (4.5%)

Major Industries
Tourism, Handicraft, Agriculture and water resources

Available at Nepal Embassy and Consulates abroad 
or on arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport in Nepal.

Visa Fee
US $ 30 for single entry (valid for 60 days)

Cursory view about Nepal
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To improve the quality of workers we have launched very effective training programs in association with different training institute. We produce semi-skilled and skilled human resources.

Nepal is located in south Asia between China and India. It covers 1, 47,181 square kilometers area. It has exotic floras and fauna as well as interesting human settlements and cultures with numerous different ethnic groups.

Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world is located in Nepal where, tourists in large number visit to climb and see the Himalayan ranges, its natural beauty and historical sites. Agriculture is the main occupation of Nepalese people. Some people are assigned to cottage of Nepalese people. Some people are assigned to cottage industry and tourism also. The facility of Jungle Safari, Rafting, Trekking and Sightseeing are abundantly available for the tourist.

Nepalese human resources have earned good reputation to British Army by their honesty, good discipline and bravery and are famous by "Gurkhas" of Nepal.

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